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Igniting a Love of Learning

The Elementary School years are years of wonder and awe.  Children are ready to learn and become more independent as they progress through our elementary program all while in an environment filled with faith that feels like family.  Our elementary teaching team works to ensure that our curriculum is vertically aligned so that our students progress through the curriculum with skills and knowledge that builds from year to year.  Through a combination of whole group, small group and personalized instruction, our students thrive and grow. While our program allows students the opportunity to use technology in a meaningful way, we continue to value traditional educational experiences such as cursive writing which research shows helps students to retain information and primes the brain for learning. 

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Kindergarten Curriculum
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Grade 1 students writing
Grade 1 Curriculum
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Grade 2 Curriculum
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Grade 3 Curriculum
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Student smiling at desk
Grade 4 Curriculum
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Grade 5 Curriculum
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Our Kindergarten-Grade 5 Team

Brenda Chapman

Grade 4 Teacher

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Kimberly Condon

Reading Interventionist

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Sara Dudas

Reading Interventionist

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Dawnmarie Gili

Grade 1 Assistant Teacher

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Joanne Greco

Grade 5 Teacher

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Jody Lampasso

Grade 1 Teacher

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Jean Lombardo

Kindergarten Assistant

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Cassidy McDonald

Grade 2 Teacher

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Beth O'Brien

K-5 Support

Joanne Seavy

Kindergarten Teacher

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tbd tbd

Grade 3 Teacher

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