Grade 1 Currriculum Overview

 Language Arts

  • Phonemic awareness 

  • Reviewing letter sounds 

  • Blending letter sounds to make words 

  • Proper use of capital letters and punctuation

  • Answer questions in full sentences 

  • Read short stories 

  • Hone comprehension skills 

  • Explore and expand their knowledge of words and language as they create their own stories  


  • Review basic concepts

  • Compare numbers – greater/less than/difference 

  • Place value 

  • Application of addition and subtraction skills when studying algebra, geometry, weights, measures, money and time   


  • Weather

  • Living and non-living things 

  • Simple machines 

Social Studies

  • Study of the world around us

  • Special celebrations and holidays    


  • The Lord’s saving grace

  • His everlasting love for us 

  • Focus on Jesus’ life ( birth, life, death and resurrection) 

  • Holy Spirit as helper and friend 

  • Fruits of the Holy Spirit

  • Saints’ feast days

  • Celebrations/Holy Days of the Church