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Welcome to Saint Mary School from Principal Rachel Ambrosio

Rachel Ambrosio, Principal

Have you ever entered a place or space and instantly felt a sense of connection?  That is the feeling I had when I entered Saint Mary School in 2014.  I had come to Saint Mary School as a parent seeking an educational experience for my son that was reflective of the Catholic faith and values that my family holds dear.  I was in search of a place that would challenge him academically but also know him as a unique individual.  That day, I found the place that I was looking for and I never looked back.  In fact, I grew to love and cherish Saint Mary School so much that years later, after my own children had graduated from SMS, I found myself back at Saint Mary School as its principal.  


Saint Mary School is a Catholic School in the Diocese of Bridgeport tucked away in bucolic Ridgefield, CT. Our mission statement reads, “Saint Mary School is a school rooted in the Catholic faith that is committed to developing the whole child.” While challenging our students with a rigorous academic experience, Saint Mary School celebrates the whole child and nourishes students as they grow spiritually, socially, academically and emotionally.  


Perhaps what is most unique about Saint Mary School is our strong sense of community.  Together, Saint Mary School parents, staff, students and clergy make up our school family.  As a family we grow together, laugh together and work together for the good of the school, and our students are our number one priority.  


If you have been thinking about finding a school for your child that feels like family, a school that shares the values that your family holds dear, a school where your child will be known, loved and prepared, then you have arrived at the right place. Welcome to Saint Mary School! I hope that you will find the joy, love of learning and friendships that so many of our families have cultivated in their own SMS experiences.


God Bless,




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