Parent/Student Handbooks

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Once students have met the necessary admission requirements and have been accepted into Saint Mary School, the school warmly welcomes these students for the coming school year and will strive to provide them with a solid Catholic spiritual and academic education in a supportive learning environment. Students and parents must always be mindful that attendance at Saint Mary School is by invitation. It is not a “right” because this is a private school. Admission to and continued enrollment in this school includes responsibilities regarding conduct, both inside and outside the classroom and the school, and students are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to be a credit both to themselves and their school.


The Parent-Student Handbook contains detailed information about the policies, procedures, and day-to-day operations of Saint Mary School.  Families are expected to read and discuss the handbook annually and affirm their adherence to all of the procedures described.  Saint Mary School reserves the right to make changes, updates or revisions at any time and commits to communicating these in a timely manner via newsletters and/or email.


2023-2024 Saint Mary School Kindergarten-Grade 8 Parent-Student Handbook

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2023-2024 Saint Mary School Kindergarten – Grade 8 Technology Acceptable Use Policy

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2023-2024 Saint Mary Preschool Parent Handbook