After School Enrichment

Afterschool art class

After-school enrichment is offered in six-week segments several times throughout the school year.  Enrichment activities can provide your child with social interaction, exercise, and the opportunity to be creative.  These activities expand on students’ learning in ways that differ from the methods used during the school day.  They enhance a student’s education by bringing new concepts to light or by using old concepts in new ways.  They are typically interactive and project-focused.  These activities are fun for the student, but they also impart knowledge.  They allow the participants to apply knowledge and skills to real-life experiences. Programs run until 3:30 p.m. 


Class topics vary each session.  Here is an example of classes offered in a recent session:

  • Volleyball

  • Dancing through the Decades

  • Messy Penguins

  • Soccer

  • Chef Penguins

  • Fun with Science

  • Board Games

  • Legomania

  • Geography Club

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students playing violins and bells
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